On April 30, 1973, The Country Print Shop opened its doors for business. It was a very humble beginning to say the least. The business not only opened on a shoestring, but in a roughly renovated side room of an old barn on Maple Avenue in Middleburg.

Ownership tried desperately to convince a local bank that it would be a wise investment to loan starting money for this unborn establishment. The bank president did not share the same enthusiasm - denying several loan applications. One sunny spring day however, a friend and director at the bank came by with good news. He suggested to the president and other bank directors to loan the new venture $2,500.00 to start up.

$2,500.00 was not a very substantial amount of money to buy machines and support accounts receivables. Somehow though, ownership pulled it off by buying used miscellaneous items and leasing a new printing press.

Founding owners Leon and Barbara Spangler worked very hard putting in long hours to establish their business. By the middle of March, 1974, the young company needed more production space. After a move to the present location at 44 North Shuman Street, the business continued to grow rapidly. The first two employees were hired.

On February 19, 1975, the Spanglers began what many people believe to be the most successful weekly print publication of its kind in Pennsylvania. The Shopper, which is distributed each Thursday morning, is free to anyone interested. It features personal ads from the general public and also offers businesses the opportunity to buy a space at a fair market price. Also included in each issue are several pages of local news and opinion columns. The reputation of this publication is of the highest standards. Quite a few of their business clients have never missed being included in an issue.

Presently the business operates out of a 6,000 square foot facility. The most modern and up to date equipment, most of which is computer driven, is used in all phases of production. The Country Print Shop has six full time employees. There are seven motor delivery route personnel that distribute The Shopper.

Founding owners, Leon and Barb Spangler, have reduced their work loads in favor of semi-retirement. Their two daughters, Jennifer and Greta, have listened well and are constantly learning the business process. Each daughter has a son, so who knows, both grandsons may discover an interest in printing and publishing.

The current staff includes: Julie Rudon and Ellen Reich - each with 43 years. Jennifer Spangler Jones - 31 years. Greta Weimer - 23 years. Ashley Zechman - 5 years.