The Shopper

The Shopper is distributed in the Middle Susquehanna Valley and Upper Juniata Valley regions of North Central Pennsylvania. The area we serve includes all or part of five Central Pennsylvania counties: Snyder, Union, Juniata, Northumberland and Mifflin. The largest city we serve is Sunbury (Northumberland, population 11,500) at the extreme end of our coverage area. In between are numerous townships, villages and boroughs. Our total coverage area has a population of approximately 120,000.



The total coverage area is spread over nearly 200 square miles. Major highways serving the area include:

  • Interstate 80 (not shown on map) 
  • Routes 11 and 15 
  • Route 522 
  • Route 104 
  • Route 45 
  • Route 35 
  • Route 322 

Because of our rural location, we have found the most efficient distribution method to be drop-offs in stores, banks, service stations, convenience markets and other high-traffic areas. Our readers receive the publication each Thursday morning (50 issues each year). Since only those residents who are interested pick up the publication, we are able to keep weekly returns and waste to less than 1% of circulation. Circulation varies seasonably between 15,000 and 18,000 weekly. Under no circumstance is any portion of the circulation mailed outside our distribution area.